HIDE'S KICK is the total workout gym owned by HIDE MIYOSHI who coaches K1 fighters and mix martial arts fighters.



Hide's Kick

HHIDE'S KICK is the total workout gym owned by HIDE MIYOSHI who coaches K1 fighters and mix martial arts fighters.
The gym was opened on Apr.2007.

HIDE'S KICK integrates all kinds of hot combat sports and exercises including kickboxing,Jiu jitsu,Mix martial arts, Wrestling,Taekqondo,andYoga. We are currently seeking members from beginners to advanced level players. Players and athletes who who want to start a combat sports or to practice as a professional.

Our staff is open for inquiries and we provide free trial lesson. Everyone is welcome !!
Do not hesitate to come and check the lesson.














schedule for July

Here is the schedule for July.
We will be closed on the 19th (special opening), 25th and 30th. Thank you for your cooperation.
On the 25th, four fighters from HIDE'S KICK! will participate in the Fighting Nexus amateur tournament.
We look forward to your support.

A state of emergency has been declared.

A state of emergency has been declared. We have been getting a lot of "trial runs" and "inquiries. We have had almost 10 people a day. We have also seen an increase in children's experiences and inquiries.

After all, we are animals that need to move. According to my students, they have fewer opportunities to move because they are now working remotely or at home. If you just move, it won't last unless you like it very much. In times like these, I think it is important to do martial arts while interacting with people.

Care of tools and purchase of tools

Due to the recent outbreak of infection, we have asked people to purchase tools. In the future, not only coronas but also various other infections are possible, so please be prepared. We have gloves, shin guards, foul cups, knee pads, and mouth guards in stock, so please ask for them. If there is a brand you want, we can order it for you.

We used to have wet wipes available for you to wipe your equipment with, but now we ask that you either bring your own wipes or use the towels provided. Some people use tissues, but the consumption of tissues has become unbelievable and there is too much garbage, so please use towels.

Don't be stingy with what you protect yourself with! This is really important!

Today I would like to talk about gear. Gear is a tool to protect your body. Headgear, mouth guards, no-fault cups, knee pads, leggings, bandages...that's about it. Please consult with us directly about manufacturers, budgets, etc.

There are many theories about headgear, such as "headgear causes more damage to the brain" or "headgear causes more damage," but I'll leave that to the experts to answer, but in Miyoshi's opinion, "headgear is better. It will overwhelmingly reduce the amount of eyelid cuts, and the rate of nose breakage will also decrease. If you think about the damage to the brain, you can't do blows. If you think about it, rugby, soccer, and sumo are much more dangerous.

Next, mouthguards (mouthpieces). The one in the picture was made by a dentist. The one in the photo was made in the shape of a tooth by a dentist and cost about 3600 yen. I think most of the ones on the market are soaked in hot water to soften them and then chewed by themselves. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. At Pea Dental, Miyoshi's dental practice, you can choose the color you want. The fit is excellent because it is made from a dental mold. It's much different from the ones you make yourself. We recommend that you consult your local dentist.

I believe that the best knee pads and shin pads are the ones available at the dojo.

No-fault cups...the best ones are the ones that tie with a string rather than the ones you wear, and the best ones are made of steel. It's not a good idea to spar without a cup. You can wear them for mass sparring, but if you want to get serious and compete, you should use the string type.

It costs a lot of money to get the right equipment. But if you are stingy, it can lead to serious injuries. It is recommended that you buy a certain amount of equipment without being stingy.

Except for the mouthguards made by the dentist, you can purchase them at the dojo, so please ask our staff, Miyoshi.

Beginners are the ones who should take a personal training once.

The number of new members has increased in April. Most of the members are beginners. We don't turn anyone down because they are beginners. We will continue to be a "dojo for amateurs" where professionals also attend.

For beginners, our instructors teach the basics. Once you have mastered the basics to a certain extent, you can practice with the older students. You will be surprised how quickly you can start practicing with them, but you will be surprised at how good and strong they are.

This is why I recommend personal training. Not only will you improve quickly, but you will also be able to learn in a way that suits you, unlike practicing with others. Another advantage is that the time is flexible to some extent. (Consult with your instructor) If you want to improve quickly, I recommend personal training at first. I'm planning to take Yonekura's personal training soon.

There are several trainers available, so please contact them directly for times and prices.