HIDE'S KICK is the total workout gym owned by HIDE MIYOSHI who coaches K1 fighters and mix martial arts fighters.



Hide's Kick

HHIDE'S KICK is the total workout gym owned by HIDE MIYOSHI who coaches K1 fighters and mix martial arts fighters.
The gym was opened on Apr.2007.

HIDE'S KICK integrates all kinds of hot combat sports and exercises including kickboxing,Jiu jitsu,Mix martial arts, Wrestling,Taekqondo,andYoga. We are currently seeking members from beginners to advanced level players. Players and athletes who who want to start a combat sports or to practice as a professional.

Our staff is open for inquiries and we provide free trial lesson. Everyone is welcome !!
Do not hesitate to come and check the lesson.














Toshimaen ( pool )
You might wonder why there are so many events organized for dojo members.
For example, just this summer, we made a short trip to Shirakawa where there's an onsen and beautiful mountains; went to the beach in Chiba; went to Toshimaen (pool) a few times together.
Here's why. First of all, Hide sensei loves hanging out and getting to know the students with nice food and drinks. (He knows great food, btw.) Second of all, these events provide opportunities for students to get to know one another who're coming from variety of jobs/worlds. Where else could we get to know a lawer or an Okinawan restaurant owner or an art dealer who all enjoy the same thing, martial arts?? We are all coming from variety of backgrounds and it's nice to face different values and worlds.
Here's how it works: one student suggests doing something, for example, "I feel like a good Korean food," Hide sensei agrees, then the person suggested will decide on the venue and date and announce it to dojo members.
Here's what's coming up:
9/4 Korean Food and Drink: After kickboxing class, around 8 pm.
we will go to a nice Korean restaurant and enjoy some food, beer, and Machori (wrong spelling?).
just let us know if you'd like to join, or just pop by.

9/5 Horror Movie night "Rec 2": We will be watching "Rec 2" as part of our horror movie night. we will be showing it on a projector at the dojo so that we could enjoy the theater atmosphere right at our dojo. As we watch the movie, we will be eating dinner and some drinks.

9/12 Karaoke night: There are two major tournaments going on that day, Jyu-jitsu Asian tournament and J-network amateur kickboxing tournament. After all the fights, we will have our dojo Karaoke night. Whoever would like to participate in singing or just wanting to hang out and drink, is all welcome.

You are most certainly welcome to join any of our events, let me know if you're interested in attending one or just pop by.
Hope to see you in one of our events!!