HIDE'S KICK is the total workout gym owned by HIDE MIYOSHI who coaches K1 fighters and mix martial arts fighters.



Hide's Kick

HHIDE'S KICK is the total workout gym owned by HIDE MIYOSHI who coaches K1 fighters and mix martial arts fighters.
The gym was opened on Apr.2007.

HIDE'S KICK integrates all kinds of hot combat sports and exercises including kickboxing,Jiu jitsu,Mix martial arts, Wrestling,Taekqondo,andYoga. We are currently seeking members from beginners to advanced level players. Players and athletes who who want to start a combat sports or to practice as a professional.

Our staff is open for inquiries and we provide free trial lesson. Everyone is welcome !!
Do not hesitate to come and check the lesson.














Carl will be participating at MMA tournament!!

On May 6th, Carl will be participating at MMA tournament.
He is 45, but practice more than anybody else. His efforts always have a reward.
This time, he will be fighting with young fighter, 18 years old which is more than half of his age.
However, he mentioned “ I want to fight with someone who is strong!”.
He also said “ I am not going to lose. I am going to WIN. To make it happen, I just practice more than anyone else.”
Let’s all get together to support him!!! Come and join us!

Good job everybody at inter league!!!
Good job everybody at inter league!!!

It was the best inter-league ever!
You might won, lost, was happy, or cried…
We all practiced so hard for this opportunity and nobody turned around and stood in the boxing ring.
We all tried and that is all matters.

I am so proud of all of you and very happy to hear “I am glad to be at inter-league”.

Great job everybody and thank you for your support and for being sponsor.

On Feb 25th
On Feb 25th, Shiono will be participating at Amateur K1 tournament.
He has been practicing although he is quite busy.
If he become a champion, he can become a professional boxer.
This tournament is held at Gen Sports Palace.
Not only Shiono’s fight, but also other fights will be high level.
Please come by and cheer Shiono to win a victory!

JK spray
It seems a cold and a flue are around everywhere.
Please aware of at dojyo, if you still not have been to see a doctor, and do not know if you have a flue, please pass the practice for that day.
During practice, if you are in good condition, we will ask you to leave. Thank you for understanding.

The picture is JK spray. It is to kill germs. You will see those spray is sitting at the shoe box.

Dojyo tournament

there will be held Dojyo tournament on March 11th, at Shinjyuku face,
Some of you set this tournament as a goal and to see how much you achieved.
You will be fighting at the center of the ring. The boxing ring will be used like official tournament.